If your children are bored, let them make this craft using felt fabric. You only need a few items, and they will have fun making it. Make sure you purchase extra felt in different colors in case they want to make more than one.

Materials Needed

The materials needed for this craft are inexpensive, and you only need a few such as:

  • 2 pieces of felt fabric in the standard 9x12 size
  • Hole puncher
  • Scissors
  • 3 ribbons
  • 1 button the size of a quarter with large holes
  • 3 pipe cleaners

Let your child choose the color of the fabric, as well as the pipe cleaners.

Cut the Felt

Have your child cut the felt in half so there are two sheets. Fold one sheet one-third of the way down, and cut off the top one-third.

Punch the Holes

Lay the felt on a table, and line up the pieces. One piece will be longer than the other will, because you cut it in the step above. Start punching five holes on the side, spacing them out about one inch, and two holes on the bottom of each piece, spacing them out approximately two inches. Stop punching when you reach the longer piece, as you do not want holes there.

Punch two holes on the top center of the shorter fabric piece. This is for the button on the purse or satchel so make the holes close together.

Cut the Flap

The top piece is the flap that you will fold down onto the shorter piece. You need to cut this so it looks like a triangle. The top of the triangle is at the top, and cut your way down on each side.

Thread the Button

Use three inches of the pipe cleaner and thread the button. Twist the ends together to secure. Thread it through the holes you punched at the middle top of the short piece, and then twist to secure, cut off any excess.

Thread the Ribbon

Next, you need to secure the sides and bottom of the purse. To do this, thread the ribbon through the holes in the satchel or purse like if you were sewing it. Start at the top of one side, and work your way down and up the other side. When you are finished, tie a knot on the end of the ribbon large enough so it does not slip through.

Make a Button Hole

Cut a slip into the middle of the longer piece for the buttonhole. Make sure you do not make it larger than the button so it will stay closed.

This is an easy no sew craft that even younger children can make with your help. When you are finished, your child can use it as a purse or use it as a satchel. (For more information on fabric stores, go to Fabrics Etc)