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Preserving Memories: Tips And Advice For Framing Dried Flowers

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Whether you are saving a special bouquet or want to create your own preserved flower art, proper framing is the key to retaining the beauty of dried flowers. Understanding how to prepare your flowers and what to expect from the framer ensures the flowers are preserved to last a lifetime. Dry the Flowers Completely Any moisture left in the flowers will result in mold and rotting once they are framed. Most flowers require pressing or hang drying for three weeks to ensure all the moisture has evaporated. Press the flowers to dry them if you want...

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Children Bored? Make This Easy Fabric Craft Purse Or Satchel

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If your children are bored, let them make this craft using felt fabric. You only need a few items, and they will have fun making it. Make sure you purchase extra felt in different colors in case they want to make more than one. Materials Needed The materials needed for this craft are inexpensive, and you only need a few such as: 2 pieces of felt fabric in the standard 9×12 size Hole puncher Scissors 3 ribbons 1 button the size of a quarter with large holes 3 pipe cleaners Let your child choose the color of the fabric, as well as the pipe...

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